Wherefore Raspberry Pi?: Eben Upton at TEDGlobal 2013

I will work on Rasberry soon….

TED Blog

Fifteen months ago, a small device called Raspberry Pi was put on the market. Despite the glut of gleaming, do-everything devices available today, this credit-card sized, £25, Linux-run computer with nothing but a microprocessor, 512MB RAM, some ports and an SD card slot has sold more than 1 mllion pieces since its launch. What’s it for, and what’s the appeal? Bruno Giussani sits down with Raspberry Pi inventor Eben Upton to get the scoop. Here are few things we found out.

What is a Raspberry Pi?
It’s a credit-card sized computer with very few of the features you imagine a computer would have, says Upton, but it’s designed to plug into things you already own — your television, a mouse, a network. It’s powered using a mobile phone charger, and storage is on an SD card.

What was the problem you were trying to solve?
Upton explains that at the…

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