Digital Signal Processing

Some Useful Links : PART – 2

Partial Course Notes:

Introductory DSP – Java DSP editor TI DSP   FFT    –  demos   sounds & music  good intro   DSP lecs q+a   inc SE & m’rate

Matlab  tutorial tutorial        ‘’

Signal models:,%20algorithm%20and%20recursion.pdf   Burg Levinson, Burg    Burg’s thesis   z-tfm  dsp

Kalman Filters

Spectral Estimation  Burg [+ extended to 2-D]  good review – Burg   p18-24 burg   burg proof   p20/1   Tutorial p1-61  Java Applet for Entropy

2-D  DSP: V Good 2-D DSP Course  McClellan   2d course:  McClellan      ”       ”   ” handwritten [large]   ”     ”   2d conv, dft    ”   2d filters    2d intro  2d sampling   2d LSI  Mc Clellan

Multirate DSP           polyphase filters, multistage, computation rate – sigma-delta ADC 2/3 sample rate convert;jsessionid=31FI5VXXO2VZ2QSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN?pgno=1  good egs    1d decimation   v good illustration of down/up sampling   v good links, lecs, demos    comprehensive   QMF   incl MP3 FB   basic mrate

Speech  – ADM  – LPC Bark/Mel scales  GSM Codecs: A Tutorial  GSM, RPE, ACELP  DSP & Speech   codec comparison  great speech/audio codec review  good   ”  LPC, CELP, ACELP

Audio Coding Bark Scale – codec comparison  –  DAB [mp2] v DAB+ [aac+]   acoustics, DSP  acoustics

MPEG Audio          aac                SA -HVXC – MP1/2/3, AAC  TWIN-VQ, critical bands   modern M4 audio  M4, M7   good m4 figs good bsac fig  FBA  m’media


MPEG-7  MPEG-7 Audio Standard   –  mpeg 4& 7 audio   m7  m7  av ind components  :

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